Emilie Scheuerle


Gabby Parks

Word on the Street: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Nothing sets you in the holiday mood more than sitting down and watching a Christmas classic. From comedies to musicals, people's favorite movie varies, but the one thing that is a constant is the joy the movies bring.  Arts and Entertainment writer Emilie Scheuerle asked students, “What is your favorite Christmas movie?”

Jonathan Ng and Gillian Fortier, the founders of Prohibition Night, also teach swing dancing at the Prohibition Night events. Photo courtesy of Gillian Fortier.

Q&A with the founder of Prohibition Night, Jonathan Ng

Jonathan Ng, a senior at UNC, is both a founder of Prohibition Night and the current jazz band that performs there, the Blue House Quintet. Through the merging of both his interests, swing dancing and jazz, he was able to create a bi-monthly event that the Chapel Hill community can enjoy.