Emily Yue


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Column: Let's face cyber-racism critically

I had yet to write a personal column about my experiences with racism at the University and at The Daily Tar Heel because I didn’t want people to have my face and my name in their heads if they wanted to send harassment.

Opinion editor Emily Yue.

Column: Write what's right

This Labor Day marks just the beginning of the third week of classes at UNC. In those three weeks, The Daily Tar Heel has received over 100 letters to the editor. 

Opinion editor Emily Yue.

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Column: What's up, I love my dog

Growing up as an anxious child made me both curious and scared of everything. Our family chihuahua, Lily, always seemed to know something that I didn't — that food and sleep were more valuable than money, that my parents deep down were caring people and that things were probably going to be OK.