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Fair Game episode one with guest Robert Orr

In the first episode of Fair Game, Director of Enterprise Bradley Saacks sat down with former N.C. Supreme Court Justice and current UNC School of Law professor Robert Orr to talk about the status of his suit against the University and the NCAA, if he can still enjoy college sports and where he sees the NCAA in 10 years.

'Rumors' entices audiences from beginning to end

“Rumors,” Thursday at 8 p.m. ???? Kenan Theatre Company and LAB! Theatre’s production “Rumors” started with a bang Thursday night — literally. From the first gunshot to the last frantic lie, “Rumors” was a fast-paced and highly entertaining production that kept audience members roaring with laughter. The play, which chronicled a high-class dinner party gone wrong, followed husband and wife Ken and Chris, who arrive first to the party to find the hostess missing and the host shot through the earlobe. Chaos ensued immediately after the discovery — guest after guest arrived and Ken and Chris’s futile attempt to cover up the affair soon unraveled.

Q&A with professor Florence Dore

_Florence Dore, associate professor of English and comparative literature, hosted a discussion at Flyleaf Books Tuesday, titled “A Good Author is Hard to Kill: Flannery O'Connor and the ‘Post South.’” Focusing on two short stories by prolific southern author Flannery O'Connor, Dore explored southern literature and it's changing identity in an increasingly globalized world.