Gwendolyn Smith


Gwen Smith

Column: Take time to soak in Carolina

Monday, April 3 is a day I will never forget. Between the natty merchandise, the news coverage and the incredible night on Franklin, I’m still not over it, honestly. Watching the team I grew up rooting for win the NATIONAL championship as a student is a feeling I could never describe.

Gwen Smith

Column: A Valentine for all 365 days

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful concept. Taking time to do something special to celebrate one’s relationship and going out of your way to do something sweet for someone you care about is nice and all — but I hate the pressure that’s associated with it. 

Columnist Gwendolyn Smith

Column: Consent means saying yes

I am disappointed and angry. My anger and disappointment hit me for many reasons and in different ways. The most shocking reason being that the sexual assault claim issued by Delaney Robinson was grossly mishandled. 


'Poetry Fox' judges MFA art

Freshman journalism major, Emily Yue, wasn’t expecting to befriend a poetry writing fox in college...