Holly Beilin


	Holly Beilin

‘Tis the season to shop green

Ah, the holidays: a season of gifts and songs about snowflakes and elves that you secretly love. It’s the season of consumerism but hey, it makes us happy. But aside from the money and time we spend, how much environmental damage does all this shopping cause? And more importantly, how can we make this a joyful season for the planet?

	Holly Beilin

It’s just too sweet to be true

You’re at a party having the time of your life. You head over to the refreshments table for a pick-me-up, and there it is: that suspicious white powder you’ve seen more and more lately, tempting you…

	Holly Beilin

Taking a step of the treadmill

Anyone who knows me knows that unless I get a decent dose of exercise — and the post-workout rush of endorphins — I’m a bit … cranky. And I’m not alone. Studies show that, along with the obvious physical benefits of movin’ and groovin’, there are awesome mental benefits: better creativity and memory, and decreased anxiety and stress.

	Holly Beilin

Get your green ?x at music festivals

Since Woodstock, music festivals have been huge crowd pleasers, allowing fans to condense the experience of a dozen concerts, along with the chance to meet artists and maybe enjoy some adult (occassionally illegal) activities, into a few exhilarating days.

	Holly Beilin

The face of a green citizen

The environmental movement is one that affects everybody and should be a factor in decision-making in all sectors. However, there is a distasteful undercurrent running through the roots of the tree-hugger crusade, and it is one that this country has struggled long and hard with throughout history: prejudice.

Do superheroeseat goji berries?

It seems like the term “superfood” has been thrown around the nutrition world a lot lately. And indeed, the superfood industry generated more than $10 billion in 2011. But what is a superfood?

	Holly Beilin

Meat the new Frankenburger

The so-called test-tube burger (or, in a slightly less appetizing twist, the “Frankenburger”) is the culmination of a five-year experiment by Dutch scientist Mark Post. It involved growing cattle stem cells in-vitro into 20,000 strands of protein. The “meat” was then combined with salt, breadcrumbs and egg powder and formed into a patty.

Climate changing pop culture

Although it seems like “global warming” has long been a common term, it only entered the cultural vernacular recently as climate change was being accepted by the majority of Americans. And like many serious phenomena, the public has turned global warming into something we have perfected the art of: an object of pop culture.