Hunter Toro


Professors weigh in on drop/add

Despite the UNC Board of Governors’ assertion that the new drop/add policy is for the benefit of professors, many faculty members have voiced opposition to the shorter window of time to drop a course.

Brenda Malone balance two top jobs

Nearly a month into the semester, Chancellor Carol Folt is still working to fill out her administration. And while Folt continues searching to fill some top positions, Brenda Malone will juggle two administrative jobs.

3 IFC fraternities take social suspension

On Monday, the first formal day of recruitment, three out of the four Interfraternity Council chapters who faced disciplinary actions over GPA requirements accepted semester-long social suspensions. The fourth group has yet to declare.

High school senior Colby Kanode plays worship music at the 24/7 prayer kick off on Thursday night.

UNC Christians gather for 7 straight days of prayer

Talk of trenches, battlefields and warfare might be considered out of place in church. But among the wooden pews and stained glass windows of the Chapel of the Cross Episcopal church, participants of the annual UNC 24/7 Prayer liken prayer to a spiritual war in itself.

UNC vs. Duke: A money-making rivalry

Apparently, rivalries affect wallets as well as school spirit. Organizations that sell anti-Duke merchandise have seen significant increases in sales as the Tar Heels prepares to play the Blue Devils in basketball this Saturday. T-shirts with slightly offensive slogans like the Thrill City’s “we grew here, you flew here,” and Carolina Athletic Association’s “we’re better” have been selling in large amounts. Thrill City sold out of their shirts soon after their release.

No Shave November: A Hairy Situation

No Shave November is upon us. Let the patchy beards and grimy moustaches begin! What originally started as a trend to increase awareness about Prostate cancer has developed into a large-scale trend, with men of all ages attempting their own month of no shaving.