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Thursday August 11th

Ian Lee


Don’t just be good, do good for UNC

Today it hit me: there are 60 days before my time as a UNC student ends. There’s nothing like a quarter-life crisis and a concert in the Pit to bring on the senior spring nostalgia. But it’s more than nostalgia; it’s an attempt to find a narrative in the hodgepodge of fond memories we’ve accumulated over the past four years.

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Training students for skills that pay

Working at The Daily Tar Heel, one often hears a great deal about the plight of the modern journalism student. But I was shocked to learn that starting salaries for graduates of the J-School, as they like to call it, are often considerably less than those of plumbers, electricians and mechanics.

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A vote for sane elections: Flaws in student election law must be addressed in new bills

Next week, Student Congress will review changes to election law that, if passed, could make this year’s elections dramatically more student-friendly. By reducing the number of signatures required to be placed on the student body president ballot and making minor changes to election law, Speaker Zach De La Rosa’s and Adam Horowitz’s bills take a step in the right direction, but still do not go far enough to change this mediocre process into one that adequately reflects potential candidates’ true legitimacy.

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