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UNC students vote to remain in ASG

The University’s student body decided Tuesday to remain a part of an organization that benefits from an annual $1 fee from all students in the system. According to unofficial results, in a 57.4 percent to 40.8 percent vote, students opted to keep UNC-CH’s participation in the UNC Association of Student Governments — an organization made up of student body presidents and delegates from each of the 17 UNC-system schools.

Students storm in after the conclusion of the BOG meeting.

Board of Governors approves Ross' tuition plan

As students and Chapel Hill occupiers chanted and beat on drums in protest outside the meeting room, The UNC-system Board of Governors passed President Thomas Ross’ proposal of increasing tuition and fees by an systemwide average of 8.8 percent.

Board of Governors' committee approves Ross' proposal

The UNC-system Board of Governors’ budget and finance committee approved today system President Thomas Ross’ tuition and fee increase proposals, which average 8.8 percent. The committee’s 5-1 vote followed voiced skepticism from many board members about tuition and fee increases spanning the next two years.

UNC-system president Thomas Ross wants 9.9 percent tuition hike for UNC-CH

UNC-system President Thomas Ross recommended today that schools not increase in-state tuition and fees above 9.9 percent, which is lower than UNC-CH’s 11.4 percent increase proposal. In a memo to members of the UNC-system Board of Governors, Ross said his recommendations — after taking out financial aid — will generate system-wide revenues of $70 million.

Will health care legislation increase insurance premiums?

The insurance industry is adding to the uphill battle that congressional democrats are fighting in order to pass health care reform legislation. Private insurers, hoping to sway public opinion, have said that premiums will increase by 18 percent within the next decade if the health care reform is passed. 

Public option is contentious

The U.S. Senate will begin a full chamber debate on health care reform this week.The Senate finance committee, the final committee to address the legislation before the full chamber debate, last week voted down two public option plans. It will vote on the final draft of the bill this week.