Jamie Cummings


Lucky Prachith, senior business major, uses his Polaroid camera at South Building on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. Prachith likes taking photos with his Polaroid camera because "it's a medium that's different in the sense that at the end of the day you get a tangible thing, it has a realness that separates it from digital photography." Pracith has been shooting with his Polaroid since his senior year of high school.

Instant and tangible: Polaroids break off from digital media

Fujifilm sold 6.6 million units of their Instax polaroid camera in the 2016 fiscal year. Rarely do we see people revert back to old versions of technology, but in a world of DSLR's and iPhones, we are still observing a return of the polaroid camera. Combining the instant production of the image with the vintage aesthetic of old developed photographs, polaroids are bringing a new trend in the world of photography and hobbyists. What's behind the recent resurgence of instant polaroid cameras?