Jamie Gnazzo


SBP results to stand despite glitches

The Board of Elections voted unanimously Wednesday to certify the results of Tuesday’s student body president election, silencing claims that issues with the voting website swayed the election’s outcome. “We did what we could in making sure people had a second, third and fourth outlet” to vote, she said in the board’s Wednesday meeting.

Will Leimenstoll-dark gray sweater
Tim Longest-blue suit
Calvin Lewis-light gray sweater

College Republican's Student Body President Debate, 6pm Feb. 6th in 307 Dey Hall (small classroom)
Young Democrats Student Body President Forum, 7pm Feb. 6 in Manning 209 (large lecture hall)

Students asking questions
Amy Hazle Wurst-exchange student from University of Sheffield (England), sophomore majoring in Politics and International Studies, asked about where candidates would look for investment opportunities 

Travis Crayton, junior Political Science/Public Policy double major, asked about the Town Council ordinance on North Side and about students living in North Side

First SBP endorsements split

The UNC College Republicans hosted the first debate of the year in the race for student body president and ultimately endorsed Calvin Lewis Jr. Following a forum attended by more than 50 people, the UNC Young Democrats voted to endorse Tim Longest for student body president.