Jodie Londono


Not a muralist: Just Michael Brown

A house painting job and a hitchhiking trip to Mexico influenced Michael Brown's first works as a muralist. Over the past 31 years, his abstract sea turtles and starry town landscapes decorate Chapel Hill's walls, quietly shaping the town's aesthetic. 

The sign outside the Center for Dramatic Art indicates handicap parking to the right of the building. A student who came to watch "Dairyland" found one of the handicap parking spots reserved for UNCSA Board of Trustees member Thomas S. Kenan III, who also had a disability placard.

Accessibility on campus: 'Whose bodies are worth more?'

A UNC graduate student was recently unable to park in the last remaining disability spot at a PlayMakers Repertory Company performance, leaving them to park in a parking deck far from the theater and walk.  This experience left the student with not only lingering pain, but frustration about the University's priorities with its limited parking. This student's trouble with parking raises the larger problem of the University's poor accommodations of those with disabilities, forcing the University to reevaluate its guidelines for upholding equal accessibility under ADA guidelines. 

One of the many pumpkins placed along the paths in during the BOOtanical in 2017. Photo courtesy of North Carolina Botanical Garden.

Your guide to the Halloween spooky season at UNC

The Triangle Area comes to life around this festive time of year with more than just pumpkins and witchcraft. Consisting of artistic talent and family fun, these events taking place in Durham and Chapel Hill are not to be missed out on. 

"Dairyland" cast members Emily Bosco and Dan Toot at Brush Creek Swiss Farm in Siler City, NC. Photo courtesy of HuthPhoto.

PlayMakers' "Dairyland" to explore food politics and identity through comedy

Heidi Armbruster's play, "Dairyland," will premiere in the Paul Green Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 16. The play follows the story of Allie, a food writer from New York City whose professional downfall leads her to her father's dairy farm in Wisconsin. Directed by Vivienne Benesch, this comedy shares powerful messages about relationships and discovering yourself. 

'The show can't go on': A behind-the-scenes look at student theater tech

Ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes of a theater production? We got the inside peek. From lighting to costume design to set creation, the work of student theater techs is crucial to the visual experience. Consider how many times you've been surprised by a sudden, dramatic light change or engrossed by the details of an intricate costume. Working with actors and directors to pinpoint the exact mood and aura of a scene develops a holistic experience for the audience. Naturally, that makes more incredible creativity and hard work.