Jordyn Williams


Kimani Smith, a sophomore psychology major, states her opinion on the removal of Silent Sam at a town hall organized by MADO and Black Congress on Monday Oct. 29, 2018.

UNC Black Congress hosts town hall to discuss future of Silent Sam

The UNC Black Congress collaborated with another student organization, MADO, to organize a town hall that allowed students to discuss Silent Sam and its future. A series of anonymous poll questions were asked to the attendees which revealed that many are against the resurrection of the statue, as well as unsatisfied with how the University has handled the situation.

Students studying between classes on the steps of Wilson Library on Monday Oct. 22, 2018.

Did midterm season ruin your GPA? Here's how to recover.

With midterm season over and grades beginning to trickle in, some students have been faced with the harsh reality of one or more unexpectedly low grades. This problem is common for first-year students, especially in their first semester of classes as they start to adjust to the speed and difficulty of college.