Kacey Rigsby


Presidential candidates rely on logo messages

This election cycle, candidates are making sure their brand is recognizable to voters. From the now irrelevant-yet-still-recognizable “Jeb!” to Hillary Clinton’s “H” with the arrow through it, design can play a critical part in voters’ perception of a candidate.

Invisible Girl Project to show gendercide documentary screening

The Invisible Girl project is making itself visible in Chapel Hill as it hosts a free screening of “It’s A Girl” Monday night in Student Union auditorium. “It’s A Girl” is a documentary that focuses on the systematic abuse and murder of young girls in India and China, a process referred to as "gendercide." Jill McElya, the president of the Invisible Girl project, or IGP, wants to bring awareness to the gendercide that occurs and said she was inspired to fight for the cause after seeing it firsthand in India.