Katherine Proctor


	Katherine Proctor

Let’s booze while it’s still cute

This weekend, laid up with a gnarly cold, I turned to the ever trusty DayQuil/NyQuil treatment program. These medicines’ labels warn consumers that “3 or more alcoholic drinks daily while using this product” may result in severe liver damage.

	Katherine Proctor

Pretty in pink: a sugary blush

Earlier this month my housemate Maggie’s cousin got married. The spoils Maggie brought back to the domicile included: a pink drink koozie decorated with phallic imagery (from the bachelorette party) and seven bottles of a rose wine (left over from the reception).

‘Papa, please don’t preach!’

It was late morning, and Gary Birdsong had finished eating his sandwich on the wall outside Lenoir, had set up his folding chair in the Pit and was commencing the day’s marathon sermon. A couple of students were already watching, grinning with predatory anticipation.

Undress, and this year, impress

It’s Halloween, which according to the contemporary cultural mindset (and the film “Mean Girls”) means that today is a golden opportunity for women to dress in a manner that some would declare “slutty.”