Kelly Kessler


ASG focuses on risk management in new website

Students with questions about financial and legal safety will soon be able to consult a new informational website. The UNC Association of Student Governments is creating the website with the help of administrators and volunteers at East Carolina University.

Democratic party loses college student followers

Frustration with political leaders has led many college students to lose confidence in the Democratic Party, leaving that demographic up for grabs in this year’s midterm elections. A study by the Pew Research Center, a non-partisan group that researches attitudes toward politics and public policy, found that affiliation with the Democratic Party among college students has weakened since its high point in the 2008 elections.

Users 'dislike' Facebook scam

Facebook users who have been pushing for a “dislike” button on the website might have become victims of a serious scam. The scam, which tricks users into providing personal information for an application that doesn’t exist, even caught the attention of the state’s Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Why do you vote?

A recent request from The New York Times asking readers to post a video explaining why they vote, has many voters thinking about what improvements they would like to see in their country. With early voting starting on campus Monday, The Daily Tar Heel interviewed UNC students on why they head to the polls. Here’s what you said:

Colbert testifies in Congressional hearing

Stephen Colbert, the satirical conservative talk show host has taken on a new role — expert on migrant farm labor. Colbert recently went before Congress to testify about the day he spent picking beans and packing corn with migrant farm workers as part of the United Farm Workers “Take Our Jobs” campaign. The day had a lasting effect on Colbert, who now says he “breaks into a sweat at the sight of a salad bar”. Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, invited Colbert to testify because she also spent a day working alongside Colbert and the migrant workers. Reactions from members of Congress have been mixed on Colbert’s recent testimony.