Kirk Kovach



Farewell Column: Leaving Carolina

For those like myself who are graduating, now is a time to reflect on where we’ve been, and more importantly to look forward to where we are going. No matter where life may take us, we will all think again of Chapel Hill and — thinking — come back home.


Column: Thank you, President Trump

Russell Berman reported for The Atlantic that “President Obama finally got a Republican-controlled Congress to fund his domestic budget. All it took was Donald Trump in the White House to get it done.” For many programs which Trump and his proposed budget suggested cutting, funding levels remained at or above the requested levels of Obama’s final budget proposal from 2016.  


Column: Who's ready for Tucker?

 Maybe Tucker Carlson of Fox News coming to town means that UNC students can experience the benefits of a good contrarian, or as James Carville said in a quote used to promote the event, “one of the world’s great contrarians.” We are surely just as guilty as any other cohort of society of tunneling into our own biases and catering our media diet to fill our partisan appetites. Perhaps a bit of intellectual jostling is good for the mind every now and then. 


Column: We must trust, but verify

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a whirlwind of accusations leveled against political figures. Some of those alleged of malfeasance already hold power, like Al Franken, a Democratic senator from Minnesota. Others are ascendant, like Senate candidate Roy Moore, the aspirant Republican from Alabama.  

Column: Make executions public again

No, not really. But what if we did? If we, as a society that prides ourselves as progressive and forward-thinking, still condone the execution of our fellow citizens, why does it matter if it is hidden behind dark walls in remote prisons?