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Tuesday March 28th



Campus Grind Brings on Nostalgia

My backpack weighs a ton. I don't even know why I continue to do this to myself. I haven't been eating, I've been unable to work out and I have no haircut. It's all on account of these books in my bag. It's the week after Fall Break and I've hit the wall. I'm struggling to walk to Davis Library in the rain. I was just relaxing in the room watching music videos when this fool Montego Gray says that he wants to study. It was almost impossible for me to pull myself out of bed and away from Ms. Trina's backside . uh, I mean her music video ;-). She's bad.

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The Black Man's War Rages On

We're always getting slammed. No respect. No credit from the media. I read a newspaper, watch a movie or turn on the TV, and all I see is killing, killing and more killing. You think The Washington Post, Newsweek and HBO don't know what they're doing? Is it a coincidence that nearly all images of my entourage are negative? I see no positives, no role models, nothing to be proud of for me in mass communication. They say that we're too materialistic, too flashy, too slow and too stupid. Whatever. Where are my achieving, charismatic, boosted-GPA, resume-stacked brothers?

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