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All-Star ice hockey game comes to Raleigh

A hurricane of ice hockey fans will be heading to North Carolina this weekend to watch their favorite team players compete. The 58th National Hockey League All-Star Game will be taking place at the RBC center at 4 p.m. Sunday.

NC State graduate concludes White House internship

For many students, working in the White House is a distant dream — but that’s not the case for one N.C. State University graduate. Anup Engineer, who graduated in May, has been working for President Barack Obama’s administration since September. His internship ends this month.

NCCU newspapers go missing

Hundreds of copies of the N.C. Central University student newspaper have been found either moved without permission or trashed. After Campus Echo, the student-led newspaper, released two controversial stories in October and November, there were several incidences of illicit moving and trashing of copies in bulk.

ECU considers gazebos to enforce smoking ban

East Carolina University’s Student Government is considering a proposal to decrease student smoking violations on campus. At a recent meeting, students proposed building gazebos on the university’s campus in an effort to encourage students to smoke in designated areas only.

Burr wins re-election handily

Sen. Richard Burr has won re-election to his seat, defeating N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. Burr is leading Marshall with 55 percent of the vote to her 42 percent with 93 of 100 counties reporting.

WSSU official sends partisan mass e-mails

A politically partisan e-mail that wound up in the inboxes of Winston-Salem State University’s students and staff is causing tension between the university and the Republican Party. The university’s Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Michelle Releford forwarded an e-mail to the entire university community as per a student’s request — without noticing its political affiliation.

Hillsborough Street in Raleigh has added businesses after a 10-year, $10 million renovation that included sidewalks, parking and two roundabouts.

N.C. State's Hillsborough Street gets revamped

oes not take more than one visit to UNC to understand the importance of Franklin Street to campus life and University history. Many students see it as the heart of the University’s social life as students rush Franklin Street to celebrate everything from Halloween to winning basketball games.

Buildings still working to stay energy-efficient

If you live on South Campus, then you have probably seen the Morrison Residence Hall banner confirming its victory in the Energy Star National Building Competition. Morrison went head to head with 14 other buildings across the United States in a year-long competition to see which building could save the most energy. The Daily Tar Heel followed up with the competitors to see their response to Morrison’s victory and to the energy competition.

Democrats celebrating few wins in Raleigh

Spirits are still high in Raleigh even though Marshall fell short in the polls. Shortly after giving her concession speech, Marshall made her way through the room and hugged family members, supporters and fellow candidates. There was a sense of disappointment among audience members during Marshall’s speech. “I’ve seen a lot of people just misinformed voting this year,” David Burton Smith, said a Marshall supporter from Sanford, N.C. “I’m not surprised that someone as decorated and smart as Elaine doesn’t win because it’s not about how smart you are and what you know, it’s about can you get the masses to vote for you, he said.”

Marshall supporters show support

Supporters of Elaine Marshall, the Democratic challenger for U.S.Senate, harbor positive outlooks at the Brownstone Hotel in Raleigh as they wait for election results. Marshall is running against Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Richard Burr. Classic rock is playing in the background of the Washington Conference Room as people gather to support the candidate that they hope will support their beliefs.

Stewart and Colbert organize rallies

If you watch the Daily Show with John Stewart then you know that he and Stephen Colbert have decided to have dueling political rallies at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on October 30. On the Daily Show, after showing clips of Lady Gag and extremists that have been in the news, Stewart asked why we don’t hear from 70 to 80 percent of the moderate citizens.

Tea Party movement strengthens

Another Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C. Sunday, put the spotlight on hundreds of disgruntled citizens — again. Because these rallies seem to be getting more popular everyday, we interviewed experts to see exactly what the movement represents and how they’re going to influence the elections in Novembers. We also tried to look for Tea Party supporters on campus, but only found sympathizers.