Lauren Gil


Beyond hipsterdom and the mainstream

Were you a hipster before being a hipster was cool? Brace yourself, because your once-exclusive subculture is now the latest trend — nowadays, it’s mainstream to make fun of people who are mainstream. Confusing, right?

UNC has sublease, roommate ?nders

As students move off campus, many take on a yearlong lease, even though they won’t be in the area all year long. But there is a way to avoid paying rent during the summer or while studying abroad: subletting.

Graduation portraits venture away from the Well

It’s not every day someone in a Carolina blue graduation cap and gown walks into the Student Recreation Center to take a zumba class. But that’s what Korde Tuttle, a senior graduating this May, did last week — to take his official graduation portraits. Tuttle arranged to get his graduation photo-shoot from 2009 UNC graduate Ryan Jones and his company, Rytography, which specializes in taking graduation portraits at unconventional places that have epitomized the subject’s duration at UNC. Jones’ project, #locationUNC, encourages graduates to break out of the traditional route of taking portraits at the Old Well and instead choose a location that caters to each individual’s unique journey at UNC rather than a place that generically symbolizes all UNC students.