Linda Shen


Campus buzzing for caffeine

The economics of coffee have always been tumultuous, from unfair to environmentally unfriendly growing practices to labor controversy. All the private wars of small farmers and large companies boil down to warm Styrofoam cups, gourmet coffees and cutting edge drinks in a dizzying array of colors and tastes usually retailing anywhere from $2 to $4 a cup - black gold. And the fuel addiction is obvious on college campuses.

Baristas battle for best brews

Correction: Lemuel Butler was said to work at the Daily Grind Expresso Cafe in Efland. He doesn't. He works at the Daily Grind on campus. Due to an editing error, this article mistakely identied the Daily Grind Espresso Cafe as being located in Efland. The cafe actually is on campus.   The mute black backdrop of Kenan Theatre struck a bright contrast with the gleaming metal of three La Marzocco espresso machines. They purred smugly over the soft, ceramic sound of clinking china, stemmed glasses and antique flatware.

Echoes of history resonate across campus

The Pit is the nexus of all campus activity, and standing on its mottled red brick in the shade of lazy trees, change is all around. Sandwiched between the renovations and remodeled classrooms walks a group of new and prospective students passing on the storied Carolina tradition. Outside the national shine of legendary coaches and basketball seasons, of literally painting Franklin Street blue in celebration and of writers such as Tom Wolfe, are stories of campus folklore, entrenched in old buildings and student myth.

UNC junior becomes cover 'Girl'

Sept. 13 — Saturday afternoon, Caribou Coffee was packed. In the unrelentingly hot weather, the cappuccino machine whirred and iced drinks beaded with condensation. Sitting at a corner table, Evelyn Gery wore jeans and a white, floral-print shirt - more clothing than she wears in the photos of her splashed across newsstands nationwide. The roller-coaster ride that started with Playboy’s recruiting ads running in local newspapers ended with the well-lit and smiling Gery touting an ACC flag on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Doulas integral to Women's Hospital

The curving lobby of UNC Hospitals is a sheer face of windows, and on a bright day, the carpets are striped white from the sun. Lois Ballen's office is on the fifth floor of the Women's Hospital, where the walls are painted soothing, matte colors, and the doorplates are gold and pink. From behind a set of locked, limited-access doors, she is the program manager of UNC BirthPartners, a volunteer, hospital-based doula program.

Loreleis sing for the fences

The Loreleis' cresting voices have carried them everywhere from local radio stations to "The Today Show." Last Wednesday, their notes swept over Yankee Stadium, rising and falling to the words of the national anthem.