Lynne Shallcross


Hashagen Proposes Honor Code Reform

One student leader has created the first concrete student-drafted list of changes for the honor system since the chancellor-appointed task force reviewed the system last year. In his report, senior Fred Hashagen, a member of the Student Advisory Committees to the Chancellor and to the UNC Board of Trustees, suggests that the University more clearly define honor and integrity and make honor a more tangible concept on campus.

Religion Makes Funding Tougher

The lines between church and state are not always drawn clearly when it comes to funding religious student groups on campus, Student Congress officials say. These lines were tested once again with a request for money from the Bahais of UNC -- a campus group that raises awareness about the Bahai faith -- for a series of workshops on religion. The group's roughly 15 members first asked for $1,720 for workshops focusing on a wide array of religious groups and artistic expressions of religion. But the Finance Committee recommended funding only $25 for printing and publicity.

Employee-Faculty Committee To Address Low Staff Salaries

When Faculty Council Chairwoman Sue Estroff told the council Friday that a staff member who has been employed by the University for 20 years makes less than $20,000 a year, council members were silent in shock. Estroff shared their discontent and has proposed forming a joint committee with the Employee Forum to address low staff salaries at UNC. Employee Forum Chairman Tommy Griffin said Monday that there are several employees who make less than $20,000 and that at least 50 percent of the staff work two jobs to make ends meet. "It's unacceptable to have an institution that doesn't

Report Finds Female Salaries Lower at UNC

A comprehensive study of faculty pay presented at Friday's Faculty Council meeting exposed a large gap in female professors' salaries as compared to those of their male counterparts. The study found that, overall, female faculty members in Academic Affairs at UNC are paid $1,332 less in salary than male faculty. The largest disparity was seen in the School of Medicine where, on average, women make $6,976 less than men.

Committee To Review New Era Contract

A UNC licensing committee will meet today to consider what steps need to be taken before the University will consider reinstating a licensing contract with a top manufacturer of sports apparel. In January, UNC decided not to renew New Era Cap Company's contract -- worth $900,000 in retail value -- after it failed to respond to allegations of unfair labor practices. It was the first time UNC ever ended a contract with a licensing company because of labor violations.

Time-Honored System Sees Change

Since the cornerstone of the University was laid in 1796, UNC-Chapel Hill has held high expectations for the conduct of its students. Through the years, the official documents, people and names of the organizations that have helped uphold that honor have changed. Despite this fact and the major changes being proposed for the honor system, former UNC-system President Bill Friday said the basic principle of honor has never changed. "There's a continuity of history here of student freedom that has made Chapel Hill different," Friday said.

SI Ranks UNC 8th Best Sports Program

All the goals scored and touchdowns made have paid off in more ways than one for UNC. In a recent Sports Illustrated ranking, UNC received the honor of being named the eighth best sports college in the United States. The ranking, released this month, compared Div.

BOT Speeds Up Suspension Appeals

Suspended students might finally have someone in their corner -- the UNC Board of Trustees. The BOT decided Thursday to make the suspension appeal process quicker and asked that the University re-evaluate its policy on transferring credit during a suspension. Trustee David Pardue made a motion to speed up the decision process on a suspended student's appeal by removing the policy of a full BOT vote on the appeal. The BOT unanimously passed a new process in which a three-person panel, made of three randomly selected trustees, will decide on the suspension appeal instead of the entir

Report Cites UNC Response to Lab Inquiry

The University publicly released a 44-page review to the National Institutes of Health on animal treatment in UNC's laboratories Monday, detailing the changes that have been made in response to complaints filed in April. Although UNC's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee discredited many of the violations cited by Kate Turlington -- an undercover investigator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- University officials did find problems they said warranted changes.