Madeline Rael


Decorations to make your dorm room your own

Now that the rush of move-in is over, you have time to decorate your dorm room beyond selecting the color of your bed sheets. Staff writer Madeline Rael created a list of the best and most affordable dorm decorations to meet your DIY and decorative needs.

Q&A with local political cartoonist, Keith Knight

The Daily Tar Heel: How does your art address the recently-passed HB2 law?  Keith Knight: I hope to think that it takes current events and does sort of a mismatch of March Madness and the brackets and North Carolina’s advancing and the idea that North Carolina has, with passing this law, has really sort of stepped out into the forefront of being the most moronic state in the Union.

Q&A with poet Greg Pardlo

Greg Pardlo is a successful poet by anyone’s standards. In 2015, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his collection of poems, “Digest,”, which was also shortlisted for the NAACP Image Award and was a finalist fortheHurston-Wright Legacy Award.

Four celebrities who deserve a documentary more than Chris Brown

In the event you aren’t completely up to date on which now-irrelevant celebrity from the ‘00s is attempting a comeback, Chris “I’m-so-over-people-bringing-this-past-shit-up” Brown is now getting a documentary that no one asked for which will detail his heroic rise from the apparently horrendous tragedy and hardship that befell him when he decided it’d be a good idea to punch his girlfriend in the face.