Maggie Zellner


Say no to Amendment One

If nothing else, I hope the readers of The Daily Tar Heel come away from this semester with an appreciation for the harm Amendment One would do to the state, the University and the people of North Carolina.

The Interview: Jon McCay on sexual assault

As someone who’s spent the past four years working on (and eventually leading) the student attorney general’s staff, Jon McCay is in a unique position to talk about the University’s recent changes to its sexual assault policy.

Taking an active role in the DTH

If you’re a very careful reader of The Daily Tar Heel, you may have noticed a box on page 7 of today’s paper inviting members of the community to apply to be on the DTH’s Board of Directors.

Editorial Q&A: Consistency on a case-by-case basis

As student leaders of the University’s Honor Court educate students this week about role of the honor system, opinion editor Maggie Zellner sat down with Michelle Healy, chair of the Undergraduate Honor Court, to discuss how they make decisions and determine sanctions.