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Sunday May 16th

Mark Abadi


Shades of gray in grammar rules

Be clear. Omit needless words. Revise and rewrite. To any English student, these aphorisms should be familiar: They’re the commandments inscribed in “The Elements of Style,” the legendary manual that has shaped Americans’ understanding of language for decades.

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In defense of the Southern drawl, y’all

They’re the words you didn’t learn in English class. Honeyfuggle. Pinkwink. Schnickelfritz. They might sound like gibberish, but you can find them all in the Dictionary of American Regional English, a comprehensive guide to America’s regional and folk speech.

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A column about, um, you know…

In newspapers across the country, there are two words people say hundreds of times a day yet almost never make it to print. I’m not talking about vulgarities here. I’m talking about the harmless sounds “um” and “uh.”

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