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DTH Photo Illustration. Social media applications have increased exponentially in the past decade, with new apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Vine (RIP), and, most recently, TikTok.

'It is uncharted territory': Maintaining mental health during social distancing

As the University and government are encouraging people to distance themselves socially, students look toward alternative resources to protect their mental health during this time. UNC announced Tuesday that residence halls will be closed for students unless they get an exception to stay there, and on Wednesday, the University urged students who live off-campus to go to their permanent addresses if possible. Though social distancing is encouraged to curb the spread of COVID-19, this practice can be distressing for students. Here are some resources suggested by professionals to deal with the isolation and uncertainty. 

DTH Photo Illustration. A program known as 'GIVE' has recently been advertising it's volunteer trips on UNC's campus, but some think the program is actually a form of 'voluntourism.'

Volunteerism or voluntourism? The ethical questions of student volunteering trips

While some students are interested in volunteer and travel opportunities, others find these types of trips problematic. A colloquial term for this phenomenon is "voluntourism," which many say exacerbates a "white savior complex." A good deal of risk can come with international organizations that commercialize humanitarian volunteering, originating from organizations not knowing the impact of their actions on the ground.