Megan Morris


Carolina Create-a-thon calls for student creativity

Though the initial idea was to host an event lasting 24 hours, project development has resulted in a Create-a-thon that will begin at 9 a.m. in the Student Union and end at 10:30 p.m. The mission of the Create-a-thon is to encourage all kinds of students to exercise creativity and to work on idea development. “We want to celebrate creativity and innovation in and of themselves.” Other communities within Carolina Creates include those focused on visual arts, dance, writing, music and technology. “UNC Ideation has three main initiatives,” Park said.  During the registration process, students identify themselves as academics, analysts, artists, designers, strategists, techies or creative thinkers. Students also provide personality traits of both of themselves and of the people they tend to work best with, so event organizers can best organize individuals into effective teams. “I think Carolina Create-a-thon is important because people tend to pigeonhole themselves into their major and to classify themselves with a certain type of person,” Workshops will involve subject matter such as coding, event planning, pitching ideas, working with the Adobe Creative Suite and 3-D printing.

UNC’s expensive outside counsel criticized

It’s not clear what the University expected when it sent a letter to the Attorney General’s office asking for permission to hire an expensive, New York City-based law firm for help with several high profile lawsuits on Dec. 29 — leaving the Attorney General’s office just 24 hours to respond before one of those lawsuits was to head to mediation.

UNC Student Stores holds fifth annual Mammoth Monday

“There are a lot of things at the student store I enjoy looking at,” “We’re not some big corporation with money going out of state. The store is owned by the university, and it’s here to support the University. Period. This store is all about the students.”