Megan Cassella


	Megan Cassella

No thanks to give in Britain

The first Thanksgiving I can remember, I threw up five minutes before the annual family picture. I’m forever immortalized on Grandma’s wall with a napkin in my hand and secondhand mashed potatoes on my shoes.

	Megan Cassella

The real costs of discount travel

On behalf of this discount airline today, I’d like to extend a warm welcome aboard to all our students, starving artists and young parents with screaming children. You paid less than the price of a good meal to be here, and we’re very happy to have you.

	Megan Cassella

A very small world after all

It was sometime after the second bar, sometime before the first round of late-night waffles, that we opted to cut through the side alleyway in downtown Brussels. And that was when they ran into each other.

Trade a beer, make a deal

Tucked at the end of a cobblestone street, just around the bend from the Houses of Parliament, an aged pub sits like any other. Inside, a heavy, dusty bell sits in the shadows. Waiting.