Melvin Backman


NCAA funds academic support for athletes

This year, full-time, athlete-specific academic support staff and tutors cost the University $1.36 million, which represents 1.8 percent of the total athletic budget. More than $400,000 of that spending goes directly to a corps of part-time tutors for athletes.

Amy Herman to resign today

Amy Herman, UNC’s associate athletic director for compliance and a central figure in the University’s response to the 2010 NCAA investigation, will step down from her position today.

Coaches may receive pay hike

While broadcast rights have proven lucrative for UNC’s athletic department, its coaches’ salaries are soaking up much of that revenue. This year’s proposed athletic budget expects $75.4 million in revenue and calls for $75.2 million in spending, with both categories climbing by $2.7 million from last year.

	Courtesy of Deborah Hawkins

UNC students bid farewell to Terri Houston

A crowd of about 100 students, staff and faculty gathered at the Stone Center on Wednesday afternoon to bid farewell to Houston, the former interim provost for diversity and multicultural affairs, who announced her resignation earlier this month.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Spring

The temperature is rising. The trees are growing greener. The birds are chirping. That can only mean one thing — spring is upon us. In college, I’ve found that spring seems to take on a different air. The campus seems to come alive, and everyone seems to be rushing outside.

Fresh(man) Eyes: WTFs FTW

I saw something beyond awesome today: two kids playing in the mud. While this tale may come across as the saga of two weirdoes, one must remember that this is college. This is the land of midnight burger runs and sold-out a cappella concerts. This is where the mundane becomes the incredible.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Lowered Expectations

When I first learned that I was going to be a Tar Heel, second to my expectations of receiving a world-class education were my expectations of rooting on a world-class men's college basketball team.Although my book-learnin' has lived up to expectations, my hopes of rushing Franklin Street in a celebration of victory have diminished slowly over the course of the season.I should have known. After a four-loss season and dominance in the NCAA tournament that culminated in a championship last year, I thought the next season—my first as an official Tar Heel—would be great. A relatively inexperienced bench and a string of injuries have dashed those hopes of basketball glory.It was much to my surprise and delight that EA Sports was in the Pit promoting NCAA Basketball 10. Finally, a world where the 2009-10 team could beat up on lesser teams with superiority not known since...last year.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Trying New Things

 A few weeks ago, I tried double-chocolate-chip mint cookies.They were amazing.  Before that wondrous afternoon, I had never had double-chocolate-chip mint cookies.  I'm sure that plenty of you out there have eaten double-chocolate-chip mint cookies. Maybe you have been doing so for years.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Junk Food

When I first got to campus, I had noble intentions. I was going to be healthy and active.  I ate three, well-spaced meals throughout the day, with plenty of fruits and veggies. There were no ifs-ands-or-buts about not eating breakfast. The boxes of sugary snacks my parents left with me remained unopened.  I went to the gym three times a week.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Rainy Days

I wake up from the warmth and comfort of my twin-sized comforter and hop down from my lofted bed.  I groggily stumble my way outdoors to check the weather.I look out past my dorm's balcony and my heart sinks — it's raining.