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‘Anti-conference’ to explore human rights

The Visualizing Human Rights Anti-Conference isn’t a stuffy meeting with professors, politicians, data and charts. It’s an all-day event using performance, multimedia and art to tell the stories of people fighting for human rights around the world.

Philadanco dancers practice for their performance of "Watching go by, the day" opening tomorrow night at 8 at Memorial Hall.  The performance was choreographed by Hope Boykin from Durham.  Tickets are still available for the performance.

Durham native brings dance home to Triangle

In its first four years, Carolina Performing Arts paid for the production of 15 premiere performances. Tonight, the Philadelphia Dance Company, called PHILADANCO, will perform “Watching Go By, The Day,” — the first commissioned performance since 2009 and the only one this season.

Rehearsal during the first act of The Magic Flute in the Historic Playmakers Theatre.  The UNC Opera is performing the show this week/ weekend.

I would also like to apologize for not knowing their names.  But they were in the middle of singing...  I can try and call someone if that would help you?

UNC Opera presents Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’

In 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s classic opera “Die Zauberflöte” — “The Magic Flute” — premiered two months before his death. Tonight, UNC Opera will perform the opera in the recently renovated Playmakers Theatre. Saturday night’s performance will feature a different cast, which UNC Opera director Terry Rhodes said is not common practice for the ensemble.

Ellen Ciompi, of Durham, discusses her life as a nurse and a cabaret artist. She works at UNC Hospitals as a surgical nurse and is part of the team that deals vascular cardiothoracic transplants and trauma. As a cabaret artist, she does benefit performances, works as party entertainment, and uses her art to fundraise. She recently performed at a fundraising event for Haiti. She explained that being a cabaret artist involves singing, acting, improv and stand up. She also said it was about "being in the moment" and inviting the audience to join her and be involved in the show. She has been working with her pianist since 2002 and has a bachelor's and master's degree in music.

Nurse has second career as a cabaret singer

Ellen Ciompi is a surgical nurse in the UNC Hopsital system, but she takes time to kick up her heels as a cabaret singer. And though cabaret—style isn’t the risqué burlesque that people might think, Ciompi still thinks its a show worth seeing.

Puppet show takes the stage

These aren’t the Muppets. “Woyzeck on the Highveld,” which will be performed at Memorial Hall tonight and Saturday, tells the story of class distinction, insanity and murder — all through the use of puppets.

Cirque Eloize comes to Memorial Hall

Two rival gangs, fighting for the identity of a city. No, this isn’t “West Side Story.” This is Cirque Eloize’s “iD,” a modern mix of circus, dance and stunts exploring public identity.