Reed Watson


Right to focus on underage drinking?

Correction (April 13 11:14 p.m.): Due to an reporting error in this column, the instances of underage binge drinking are incorrectly stated. There are roughly 1.5 billion instances of binge drinking a year in the U.S. involving those 18 and older. Most of those involve people age 26 and older. The Daily Tar Heel apologizes for the error.

Feeling better can be dangerous

You’ve probably heard about the power of positive thinking. In a nutshell, the theory states that when we affirm something and believe in ourselves, it’s more likely that we will achieve our goals.So it comes as no surprise that the reverse process works just as well. Thinking about the negative parts of something in your life can change your beliefs and actions toward it.

Social contracts abound in academia

On the first day of any new semester, most professors don’t expect you to stay in class the whole period. It’s become fairly common to let the class out early.That little custom is one small brick in the foundation of the social contract between student and teacher.

For the new year, focus on getting ?t

You might have gone to the gym on the first day after Winter Break. If you did, then we probably bumped into one another on the track. It was packed in there. When I got to Rams Head Recreation Center, I was sure that I had actually stumbled onto the set of a National Geographic special.

Beware the cost of a ‘Turkey Drop’

Turkey Drop? Someone might have broken up with you recently, or you might have been the one doing the breaking. Either way, ‘tis the season! The so-called “turkey drop” is the unfortunate practice of breaking up right on the eve of Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Rede?ne your idea of what’s wasted

At our school many people will be impressed by the amount of work you have to do and even the extent to which you are worried about completing it.Many people I talk to seem to wear this stress as a badge of honor, and they bask in it even though it’s emotionally draining.

Embrace your new fall TV friends

Something momentous happened to me this week. Actually, it happened to you as well.I am, of course, referring to the new fall season of television.The beginning of a new season of television is an important social and personal event. New people enter our lives through these new shows, and we also get to see the same faces that have been coming back for years.

Human emotion cannot be traded

When I was young my mom frequently read “The Man Who Kept His Heart In A Bucket” aloud to me. This book is about a guy who gets hurt by a relationship and resolves to stop the pain by physically taking out his heart and sticking it in a bucket to keep it safe. I got distracted by the fact that this lumbering automaton was somehow living with vital organs outside his body, and I didn’t really learn the book’s lesson.

Invest in a new friend today

In Chapel Hill, the most important period of the “friend-making year” has just begun with the start of the fall semester. Everyone is riding the wave of new possibilities for connection. You should be too.