Sam Perkins


Try a fantasy league of politics

On Friday, the president’s 18-member, bipartisan deficit commission failed to get the 14 votes it required to send its plan to Congress, though it still had majority support with 11 votes. The panel has been an interesting case study of compromise.

Can you pass the humble pie?

The media has overly sensationalized the rough economy in which we live. For many families, this economy has indeed created dire times. But our quality of life is not as bad as many would have you believe nor as bad as many seem to believe. So this year, when you emerge from your college bubble, let me suggest giving thanks for a sadly disappearing generation that embodied being humble, independent and basically American.

Testing diversity by nixing race

Three years ago, the NAACP buried the N-word. The word isn’t as forgotten as Middle English, but it did seem to alleviate some racial tension. Yet I don’t think we should focus our efforts on a genocide of racial epithets. What I think this country is ready for is not giving attention to racial rhetoric as we seem to do, ripping people for the slightest racial faux pas, but rather a scenario without the concept of race (represented as skin color as it often is) altogether.

When Bambi ceases to be cute

I have come to think that if Michael Vick had been running a deer-fighting ring, even PETA would have been tempted to place a bet and cheer on. Deer — the 300-pound equivalent of a squirrel sans agility — have become a major fear (Halloween costume?) in Chapel Hill, home to as many as 700 deer.

Can I get some climate change?

After seven years at UNC, one thing has worn on me about this campus: the political climate. UNC has sadly become a stagnant cesspool for political thought. I came here considering myself liberal, but now consider myself a moderate Democrat, truly viewing it as the lesser of two evils.

Summer Lost and Found... and Lost

Summer is a valuable time for those of us in academia. It’s like our halftime. We can game plan or — for the more realistic, modern athletic parallel — tweet. But sometimes, you lose summers and just have to get what you can out of them, striving for at least a Pyrrhic victory. In early June, I wondered how much money I could get offering for someone to shoot me. With a bullet. I’ve always been a bit curious; you know you’ve wondered, too, in that ‘just-for-a-second’ mindset.

Tar Heels ready to face conference rival

Two games off of a three-game losing streak against top-10 teams, the North Carolina field hockey team will take on its fourth powerhouse opponent of the season, No. 2 Wake Forest, at Henry Stadium on Saturday. No. 6 North Carolina (8-3, 0-2 in the ACC) will host the Demon Deacons (10-1, 1-1) in what looks to be a grind to the finish. The teams are similar - both have good depth, dominate time of possession and take major advantage of penalty corners, while giving up few of their own.