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FAQ: What you need to know about the intruder break-ins

In the last week, four student homes have been broken into all under similar circumstances. Police are still looking for the man, described in the first incidents as a “6-foot-tall black male, with a medium build and very short hair.” Here’s what you need to know about the break-ins and how to protect yourself.

Kenan-Flagler Business School launches online MBA program

UNC shared Monday its plans to develop an online MBA program, the first to be offered by a top-ranked business school and a major move by the University into the business of online higher education. The program, MBA@UNC, is a joint one between the Kenan-Flagler Business School and 2tor, a New York-based startup focusing on online education. MBA@UNC Executive Director Susan Cates said it is a chance to “redefine global business education.”

More named who gave benefits to football players

UNC has named new people who gave gifts and other benefits to football players, including three former teammates. Additionally, the University provided a disassociation letter from athletic director Dick Baddour to Jennifer Wiley, a former tutor. The letter to Wiley says that UNC learned that she gave players financial assistance in excess of $2,000 in 2010. It also says that in 2009 and 2010 she gave inappropriate academic assistance.

Agents named in UNC records

New records from UNC name three people who provided illegal benefits to football players, including a representative from one of the nation’s largest sports agencies. The individuals — Chris Hawkins, Michael Katz and Todd Stewart — are named in five reinstatement letters the University submitted to the NCAA. The letters give new insight into the extent to which UNC players violated rules prohibiting gifts and monetary benefits.

UNC names three who provided benefits

UNC identified three individuals who provided benefits to players in records submitted to the NCAA. The three people – Chris Hawkins, Todd Stewart and Michael Katz – all have ties to sports agents or have been declared agents by the NCAA.

Let's all learn from Coples' mistake

Thursday, UNC students got another reminder to mind what they say online. It started when junior defensive end Quinton Coples posted a Tweet disparaging gays. His apology, posted a few hours later, wasn’t much better: “im not aginst gay people im just heterosexual.” Reaction against Coples’ tweet was swift. Steve Kirschner, the athletic department’s spokesman, said at first he hadn’t seen the tweet but “clearly, it’s inappropriate.”

Mother's death not from bed fall

Bed rails wouldn’t have prevented a mother’s fatal fall from a lofted dorm bed, an autopsy report shows. The death, initially attributed by University officials to a fall from the bed, prompted a surge of requests for bed rails.


Chancellor Holden Thorp, UNC-system President Erskine Bowles and 
athletic director Dick Baddour speak to the Board of Governors Thursday.

Chancellor Holden Thorp, UNC-system President Erskine Bowles and athletic director Dick Baddour speak to the Board of Governors Thursday.

	UNC football coach Butch Davis, Chancellor Holden Thorp and athletic director Dick Baddour spoke at a press conference on Thursday about the possibility of academic misconduct found between student-athletes on the football team and a former student tutor employed by the University.

Raw Footage: NCAA Investigation Press Conference

UNC football coach Butch Davis, Chancellor Holden Thorp and athletic director Dick Baddour spoke at a press conference on Thursday about the possibility of academic misconduct found between student-athletes on the football team and a former student tutor employed by the University.

Timelapse of NCSSM's world-record setting food drive

We wrote last month about the N.C. School of Science and Math’s attempt at breaking the world record for largest food drive ever. They did it, raising 559,885 lbs of food for those in need. To document the occasion, check out this timelapse made with photos from one NCSSM student, junior Tyler Hayes. Click through to check it out.

Remembering Jason Ray four years later

It’s almost four years to the day since senior and student Rameses Jason Ray was killed while travelling with the men’s basketball team to an NCAA tournament competition in New Jersey. Today, the Heels are back in New Jersey to face Marquette. The New York Times has a touching story about Ray’s legacy today. Ray was an organ donor, and his death, while tragic, helped five others live. At least one of them will be cheering the Tar Heels on tonight. That man, Antwan Hunter, was just 16 when he received Ray’s kidney.

Thorp sends e-mail addressing crisis in Japan

With news of a new explosion at one of Japan’s three damaged nuclear plants coming late Monday night, the world is waiting to see what will unfold and saddened by the devastation already observed. Chancellor Holden Thorp sent the following e-mail to students, staff and faculty Monday night with information on how the UNC community is helping with relief efforts:

Don't forget to fill out FAFSA

It’s FAFSA time! If you’re anything like us, you’ll have put this off until the last minute – the last minute being now. UNC’s priority deadline is Tuesday, but there’s still time to get your application in if you haven’t already. The form helps calculate your financial need and helps UNC decide what aid you will receive. This man wrote to The (Raleigh) News & Observer that filling out the form was a “20-minute task” for his children, but we question that estimate. Set aside at least an hour, after you’ve gathered all the forms you’ll need first. Graduates and undergraduates should use UNC’s code 002974 when filling out their FAFSA form. Undergraduates must also fill out a College Board profile using code 5816. Questions? Contact the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid at(919) 962-8396 or send them an e-mail.

Need a walk home at night? Safewalk goes off campus

Studying late at the library but worried about how you’ll get home? SafeWalk, a student-government program that assigns student walkers to help you get home, is moving off-campus. The program runs Sunday through Thursday between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. The program will roll out in three stages, the first of which started last week. Tell us, do you use SafeWalk? Will you be more likely to do so now that they can walk you home off-campus? Click through to see exactly what area the walkers will serve.

This year's Daily Tar Hell

If you grabbed a copy of the DTH this morning, you likely saw the N.C. State Technician’s spoof paper, The Daily Tar Hell. The editors there produce a joke paper each year when the two schools’ men’s basketball teams meet up and are nice enough to wrap it around copies of the real DTH. We like to joke that for at least one day a year their paper looks nice, since they copy our style to make it look authentic. Click through to view the spoof issue and learn more about our other college paper rivalries.

Tell us why you dance

Dance Marathon is this Friday and Saturday, and in the days leading up, we want to know why you dance. Post a comment here, on our Facebook wall or on Twitter using the hashtag #wdyd. We’ll compile the best and share.

Caps and gowns get a new look from Alexander Julian

This year’s senior class can graduate with new gowns designed by Alexander Julian. UNC says the new gowns are a closer match to “true” Carolina blue and are also more environmentally friendly. “As a colorist, ever since Holden Thorp was inaugurated as Chancellor, I have been on him like a wet, dirty T-shirt to let me try to improve the true blueness of the robe color,” Julian said. The fabric is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and the gowns will be made by a manufacturer in Virginia.

Apply to lead the Eve Carson Scholarship

The group is looking for a new director to manage its junior scholarship program. The scholarship was established in 2008 in memory of slain Student Body President Eve Carson. It provides financial support for a student’s senior year and funds a summer experience. Applications are due Wednesday at 5 p.m. E-mail current director Katherine Novinski (novinski AT for more information. From Ann Mills Lassiter, the group’s spokeswoman, here’s what the the group is looking for in the next director:

Double-check your polling location

We’re hearing a lot of reports from folks who are heading out to vote at the wrong polling locations. If you haven’t voted yet and still plan to, take note: Morehead Planetarium is NOT open for voting today. The site was open for early voting, but today you must vote at your actual polling location. Some students seem to think anyone can vote at the Center for Dramatic Art because it is on campus, but again, you cannot vote there today unless that is your polling location.