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Thursday June 1st

Sarayu Kumar


UNC to replace Webmail with HeelMail

A major change is in store for the University’s e-mail system — one that administrators hope will make things easier for students and staff, and save UNC money. Starting in April, the University will begin transitioning from its webmail service to HeelMail, which will be provided by Microsoft Live.

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Survey studies UNC's hook-up culture

The Duke University student who created a PowerPoint presentation chronicling her sexual escapades has inspired more than witty banter. Four UNC students are currently conducting a study to explore the University’s hook-up culture in a more serious fashion. “In response to the Duke student’s PowerPoint we formed questions to try and elicit responses from UNC students so we could analyze their own hook-ups and evaluate their behavior,” said Lauren Tevelow, a senior and member of the group conducting the study, which is a project for the students’ COMM 350: Practices of Cultural Studies class. Duke alumna Karen Owen incited a national uproar when the PowerPoint about her sexual experiences at Duke emerged earlier this semester. Owen’s PowerPoint prompted polarized opinions of her actions to emerge, said Lori Baldwin, a senior and member of the group. While some people said demeaning things about her, others praised her for doing wonderful things for feminism, Baldwin said. “Owens’ act was political in the sense that it acted outside of social norms,” she said.

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Rachel Scall, Brittany Bellamy, Anna Bobrow, Alice Lee, Marria Rahim ·
Rachel Scall, Brittany Bellamy, Anna Bobrow, Alice Lee, Marria Rahim

The Potter studies at UNC

The release of the anxiously awaited first part of the seventh Harry Potter movie has piqued the interest of millions around the globe. UNC students are no exception. And given Harry Potter’s presence in popular culture for the past 14 years, many students have brought magic to their muggle classrooms, through dissertations or research.

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