Sydney Peregoy


Sydney Peregoy

Column: Reflections on my first day on Earth

"Yesterday I was brought into this world ... That’s right, I was born yesterday, just yesterday! Given the current political climate I’ve just learned about, I thought I should relay some of my newborn thoughts on all of the current events I’ve just learned about within the past 24 hours."

Sydney Peregoy

Column: The witching hour

"Often I am offended at the notion of someone else deciding my level of innocence for me, but, as it has passively been pointed out to me by many, I am but a weak little female, so ultimately I’m not qualified to determine who I really am."

Column: Menstruation Frustration

I always like getting back into the mindset of having to juggle the responsibilities of my rigorous course-load with making sure I’m prepared for that treasured time of the month.