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Jane Wester chosen as 2016-17 editor-in-chief

A selection committee elected UNC junior Jane Wester as The Daily Tar Heel's 2016-17 editor-in-chief on Saturday. Wester, a history major from Charlotte, said her love for the paper and her desire to continue working with the DTH motivated her to run.

The name is bond, Connect NC bond

In addition to voting for political candidates, the March 15 primary will ask North Carolina residents to vote on the Connect NC Bond — a $2 billion bond that would fund statewide projects in education, safety and recreation.

Islamophobia distorts political rhetoric

Duke University Chapel’s call to prayer controversy, the highly publicized shooting deaths of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill and the Syrian refugee crisis — all have raised questions about the rhetoric surrounding Islam in politics and the media.

Immigration raids in North Carolina

Robert Zuniga, an immigration lawyer based in Charlotte, said his clients had the foresight to not open the door when officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) surrounded their house. Unable to enter, the officers left and the family went into hiding.

Jill McCorkle's short stories inspire Hillsborough art exhibit

A local author’s short story collection serves as the inspiration behind the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts’s latest exhibit, “It’s All About the Story.” Jill McCorkle, a Hillsborough-based author, is reading pieces from “Going Away Shoes,” the collection that inspired all of the works in the exhibit at the gallery Sunday from 2-4 p.m.

Art and politics collide in David Taylor's new exhibit

The Chapel Hill Art Gallery is painting its way into politics with its newest exhibit. David Taylor is featured artist for the month of February at the Chapel Hill Art Gallery, and the Moral Monday protests in Raleigh are the main subjects of his exhibit, titled “Does Art Have a Moral Responsibility.” The exhibit is composed of 22 pieces, including landscapes and still lifes, but the main focus is on seven pieces depicting various scenes from the Moral Monday protests.

'Broadway Melodies's student-written shows dazzle audiences

????1/2 A song dedicated entirely to bad dining hall food is just one of the gems found in Pauper Players’s show, “Broadway Melodies,” which opened on Friday and runs until Feb 4. “Broadway Melodies” featured three student-written and student-directed shows — “Les Nor,” “Into the Games” and “Jurassic Pop.” The actors and directors only had two weeks to transform each musical, but from the high quality of the performances, the audience would have never guessed.