Taylor Hartley


We’re still a great university

The first time I stepped onto this campus as an official Tar Heel, I knew this place was different. Maybe it was something about the way the Bell Tower sounded on the first day of class.

In honor of life

You watch the movies. Anytime someone says the word cancer, the music swells, the eyes on the screen grow teary and there’s a big running monologue of “what if?”

The writing dream realized

I knew in the third grade I wanted to be a writer. It wasn’t a wish or a dream. I knew at age 9 — right after I finished “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” — that I wanted to write stories for the rest of my life. I also thought J.K. Rowling was the greatest writer in the world, and while that has changed, the first part remains true.

College kids and trendy candidates

You want my vote for president? Show me a political platform. Amid growing election buzz, it’s easy for students to get behind a trendy candidate without understanding the ins and outs of his platform.