Trevor Casey


The Internet has been changing the world since it’s creation, but its effects on American politics were at the forefront of the conversation in the Halls of Fame room in Carroll Hall yesterday. Assistant Professor Dave Karpf of George Washington University delivered a presentation on his new book, “The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy.” Karpf began the book as a dissertation project seven years ago. “So the first word was written in 2006, but that word also changed 18 times before it went to the publisher,” said Karpf. The book examines ways in which the Internet and political action groups that originated on the web have changed the way Americans interact in the political system. John Cluverius, a third year graduate student, said he found the presentation especially interesting. “It’s good to see academic work that follows political developments in the world so closely,” Cluvius said.