Victoria Cook


JOMC budget cuts to hit hard

With at least $242,000 in cuts to make by July 1, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication will be forced to join other schools and departments across campus in reducing the number of faculty and course offerings.

cemeteries are scary

Cemetery troubled by lack of documents

Steve Moore decided in the 1970s that he wanted his final resting place to be the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery. Now, a decorative iron fence surrounds his plot. But it isn’t just for decoration — it’s for protection.

SBP results further delayed

The release of the student body president election results has been delayed yet again, creating the likelihood that the vote counts won’t be unveiled until next week.

Playground to honor legacy

Saturday, members of UNC’s chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity dedicated the Courtland Benjamin Smith Playground at Phoenix Place in honor of their former fraternity president.

Bored with your own conversations?

Facebook. It has given us a way to stay in touch with friends, stalk a person's every move, find out about local events and join exciting groups with people just like us who enjoy being members of the "When I was your age, Pluto was a planet"group.