Will Doran


Race and grades: a point of contention

Questions of race and civil rights have been on everyone’s mind this week as UNC celebrated the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth. Sadly, however, Duke’s own celebrations have been overshadowed by controversy.

Changes come with a price

On its face, a new set of federal guidelines for prosecuting sexual assault cases at schools seems necessary, if not overdue. But any heaping of praise upon these changes shouldn’t go without a deeper conversation about the risks of lowering the standard of proof for these cases.

Respect, one kick at a time for kids

Leadership. Confidence. Respect. Control. These are some of the values that martial arts can give its students. They’re also the values that are considered lacking in the lives of the so called “at-risk” youth, values that one local martial arts program noticed as missing and decided to fill.

Local renters, beware of the limit

Housing in Chapel Hill is, to put it lightly, complicated. From restaurants and bars to classrooms and offices, nearly everything for everyone is on or near campus. That can prove tricky, putting “townies,” as some students refer to longtime residents, next door to temporary 20-somethings. Noise complaints, parking issues and trash problems, along with different schedules and values, put the groups at odds. And neither side’s hands are entirely clean.

Column: A year in pursuit of a silver lining

It’s always good to start the year on a positive note. Especially this year. Last year left many of us with a bad taste in our mouths, and it didn’t get much better during the summer. All year, the looming threat of budget cuts cast a dark cloud over campus.