The Robertson bus should remain free for all students

UNC students will no longer be able to travel to Durham for free.

The Robertson bus, which runs between this University’s campus and Duke’s campus, will now cost $2.50 starting next semester.

University officials should work with the Robertson Scholars Program and Triangle Transit to ensure the bus remains free for students.

The program had said the purpose of the bus was to facilitate the relationship between the two campuses and that it was free “for all university affiliates, encouraging them take full advantage of the educational, cultural and social offerings of both campus communities.”

It appears the program has had a change of heart.

Riders will be able to ride for free if they have a GoPass. Robertson Scholars and all Duke students are eligible for one.

UNC students are being unfairly affected.

Robertson Scholars are not the only students who take classes at both campuses.

The University’s Inter-Institutional Program allows all students the opportunity to take one class at Duke each semester. This is not to mention the programs the campuses share, such as the philosophy, politics and economics minor.

While UNC appears to promote collaboration between the campuses, by not ensuring an affordable and accessible transportation option it is prohibiting most students from being able to utilize the programs.

Many campus groups share resources and meet together.

UNC needs to act to keep the bus available.

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