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Tuesday June 6th


Orange County sees highest life expectancy in North Carolina due to abundant resources

Orange County residents lead the state's average life expectancy by almost four years.  According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s 2019 U.S. health map, the average life expectancy for a North Carolina resident is 78.2 years, while the average in Orange County is 82.1.  Social determinants, such as health care access and housing, contribute to the higher life expectancy in Orange County. 

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Trustee Vinay Patel (left) and BOT Vice Chairperson John Preyer (right) are top political donors on the BOT — both have primarily given to conservative campaigns and causes.

Trustees donate near $1 million to political causes, spark partisan concerns

Among the the UNC Board of Trustees' current members, there are six registered Republicans, two registered Democrats and two unaffiliated trustees. Their job responsibility is in part to promote "the sound development of its institution." However, there have been recent concerns over politics potentially playing a role in the creation of a new UNC school. Members of the UNC Board of Trustees have collectively donated roughly $717,000 to Republican political candidates, campaigns and committees, compared to roughly $137,000 to unaffiliated ones and $106,000 to Democratic ones. The Daily Tar Heel looks into how each trustee leans politically though their past donations.

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Graphic by An Tonnu

DTH's inaugural data desk survey seeks to understand community representation

The Daily Tar Heel's data desk seeks to survey the greater Chapel Hill community to see to what extent these concerns hold true and gain valuable feedback on the shortcomings of our organization regarding diversity and inclusivity.  Most importantly, we want to know what our community thinks about us. Responses will be collected from March 6 to March 24. Afterwards, we will analyze our results and potentially create an article about our findings.

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