Vasco Evtimov, 41, left UNC for a professional career in 1999 after just 38 games. The 6-foot-10 former McDonald's All-American played in 10 countries before returning to North Carolina to complete his degree.

Evtimov, who played two seasons at North Carolina, is back on campus, months away from honoring a commitment he made to his late coach 20 years ago.

Vasco Evtimov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and lived there until he was 12. Then came four years in France. He moved to the United States for high school basketball, playing at Long Island Lutheran in New York. North Carolina recruited him heavily, and Evtimov, a 1996 McDonald’s All American, saw a program and a coach that fit. 

Evtimov's story doesn't stop there. Read about how his journey landed him right back at UNC.