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Friday June 2nd


Ira Wilder, assistant university editor, reflects on his time in the newsroom.

Farewell Column: I'm going to sleep

"I’m the first to leave every party I go to. My bed and I have a passionate affair that I refuse to cut short in the name of social graces. I always know when to say my goodbyes. And while I’m not a senior, it’s time I say goodbye to The Daily Tar Heel."

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Clay Morris was a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chairperson for 2022-2023 and will graduate in May 2023.

Farewell Column: A season of lessons

"So, when the opportunity arose, I applied to become the diversity, equity and inclusion chairperson at the paper. I didn’t seek the position assuming I could rewrite the DTH’s legacy in one to two years. (After all, it is the campus paper of a University built by slaves.) Instead, I sought the position because I felt like I would at least be honest with the newsroom about its issues, if nothing else."

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Farewell Column: Farewell, home of 'Elise-isms'

"When I connect with people — especially in the journalism world — I find those connections unbreakable. There’s some special sauce that we all share that makes us crazy enough to enjoy working insane hours and Slacking during class – and I think that sauce is delicious."

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The Tarheel Town Pharmacy, a COVID-19 vaccination site, is pictured on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022.

Column: COVID-19 health care is still a necessity

"There is a huge lesson to have learned from our COVID-19 response: When it comes to responding to public health crises, prevention is everything and complacency is dangerous. It can’t just be under emergency circumstances that we remove the barriers to vital, life-saving services. Our lives are still on the line."

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