5/5/2020 8:46pm


Column: Computer science isn't all that scary

The world of computer science is daunting. But we don’t often get a bigger picture of the compassion, creativity and collaboration that is seen in this world — something I have gained from my experience in the computer science department at UNC.

4/24/2020 3:30pm

Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez is a graduating business journalism major in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC. Quiroz-Gutierrez spent four years at The Daily Tar Heel and was most recently the 2020 co-editor-in-chief with fellow senior Emily Siegmund.

Farewell column: Here's to the unexpected

I applied to The Daily Tar Heel on a whim, like many others, because I liked to write. I was a pre-admitted business major at the time and I thought I was on a linear career path to some future job in the business world — one of those jobs people see as impressive, but actually mostly consists of bullshit.

4/21/2020 6:05pm

Kyende headshot

The odd traditions of the Nacirema: The moral of the story

"I have made sure to document their odd practices each step of the way. I am aware that the articles may at times feel over-exaggerated, paternalistic or pessimistic. This is because, out of respect, I have been doing my best to follow the same writing style that the Nacireman folk use when writing about the African continent — that is, portraying a single story."

4/16/2020 9:59pm

Opinion writer Michael Beauregard.

Old North State stories: April 1865

In April, the Confederacy lost its capital, its two largest armies, its last hopes for legitimacy and President Abraham Lincoln, who was arguably the only Republican in Washington who didn’t want to wreak complete hellfire upon them. 

4/14/2020 6:50pm

Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: How (not) to handle a pandemic

"With the rapid changes and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, making decisions is challenging. However, politicians should primarily consider scientific evidence, listen to  experts and prioritize the health of the public when planning for the future."

4/14/2020 5:47pm


Column: Dear UNC class of 2024

"In ways that my first year wasn’t, the hardships of the class of 2024 may be so commonly felt that they can lean on each other for support in ways that other incoming classes couldn't. Paradoxically, social distancing may create a stronger community than ever before."

4/13/2020 7:18pm

Ryan Smoot

Column: Practicing mindfulness in times of fear

"Fears are as biological as any virus, simple byproducts of evolution and our environment. We all carry them with us — whether it’s a fear of dying, loneliness or forgetting to mute while Zooming on the toilet. But I truly believe, even for someone as anxious as I’ve been in my past, that we can control the extent to which our fear consumes us."

4/6/2020 12:00am

Liam Bendezuclose, opinion writer. 

Column: Your negligence could kill my mom

The crisis seems abstract and difficult to imagine. For people with elderly family members or family members with preexisting conditions, the threat of the coronavirus exerts a very real pressure and imprints fear on day-to-day life. My family is one of them; my mom is immunocompromised. 

4/2/2020 9:42pm

Opinion writer Michael Beauregard.

Old North State stories: North Carolina on the home front

"Over the past several weeks, grocery store shelves have been completely cleared of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, meats and non-perishable goods, creating an atmosphere of scarcity. Similarly, during World War II, North Carolinian families faced scarcity due to wartime rationing."