1/21/2020 8:38pm

Mike Gardner, Carolina Air Care ground critical care paramedic and Alan Wolf, UNC Health Care spokesperson, stand with Tar Heel 1 at the helipad at UNC Medical Center on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. Carolina Air Care is the only true 24/7 neonatal pediatric special care team in North Carolina.

The medics of the sky: how Carolina Air Care transports critical patients

In the limited space of the helicopter, Hooks and Snow provide critical care throughout the duration of the flight, using ventilation devices and IV drips. Both men dedicated decades of public service, including time as emergency responders, to reach this point in their career. “The next time you see a helicopter, you know what’s in the back,” Hooks said. “It could be a family member, a friend or anyone like that. It’s not just a cool helicopter flying through the air.”

1/20/2020 7:27pm

Dr. Stephan Moll pictured in his office on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. Moll, a blood clot expert in the UNC School of Medicine, recently assisted NASA when an astronaut on the International Space Station had a blood clot in the jugalar vein of their neck.

From the '60s to today, UNC continues growing its relationship with NASA

UNC has had a strong relationship with NASA for over 50 years. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin trained at Morehead Planetarium before embarking on the Apollo 11 mission, and now, the University still provides valuable research, education, experts and more to NASA. One of these experts is Dr. Stephan Moll, a UNC blood research expert who helped NASA flight surgeons treat an astronaut who had a blood clot in space. NASA also shows substantial interest in connecting with UNC students, and the relationship between the agency and the University is continuing to grow.

1/15/2020 8:19pm

The Unsung Fouders Memorial stands in McCorkle Place as a reminder of UNC's racial history. On Jan. 8, 2020, UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz announced the launch of a new commission dedicated to adressing the university's history with slavery and race relations.

'Time will only tell': How Guskiewicz's new history commission stacks up to Folt's

The new Commission on History, Race and a Way Forward is seen by some as a continuation of former UNC Chancellor Carol Folt's Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History. Some campus members share their expectations for the new commission, highlighting how they hope it will differ from Folt's task force.  Folt's task force was instituted after the Board of Trustees changed the name of Saunders Hall in 2016 and then enacted a 16-year freeze on naming buildings. Board of Trustees Chairperson Richard Stevens said Guskiewicz's commission will build on work done by Folt's, and that it will have as much time as it needs to explore UNC's history.