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What's your type? The enneagram, explained

The newest in online personality tests is the enneagram. The concept of finding ourselves in online descriptors of personal strengths and weaknesses is not new, but it is becoming somewhat of a social media trend. As more influencers, college students and avid social media users start to share and publicize their personality results as a form of deeper connection, they also infiltrate the corporate world as a hiring indicator. Myers-Briggs, the Big Five and even astrological symbols have become a form of self-expression and self-labeling that allows people to connect with their peers and contextualize their personality.   While these kinds of groupings may help us relate socially to others, they may not actually be objective u2013 or even totally accurate  u2013 measurements. Students and psychological experts weighed in on the real value of these tools. After all, is it really possible for everyone in the world to fit into seven neat boxes?

7/17/2019 10:26pm

Graphic of UNC's campus in the Master Plan, courtesy of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Inside UNC's long term plan to reinvent campus, the 'Master Plan'

UNC last released a Master Plan in 2006 that saw the creation of the Caudill Laboratories and the Arts Common area, among other developments. The latest version of the Master Plan seeks to transform some elements of Carolina Housing, recreate the look and feel of Porthole Alley, and much more.