4/1/2020 8:37pm

DTH Photo Illustration.  An Alert Carolina message sent on Saturday, March 21, 2020 confirmed  multiple members of the UNC community have tested positive for COVID-19.

'I've heard all the stereotypes': Students, alumni respond to COVID-19-related racism

UNC alumni and students emphasized that racism toward Asians is not a new concept. These sentiments have always been present, they said, but now racists have an excuse to express themselves. Members of the UNC campus community have reported experiencing prejudice as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in China. Students and alumni referenced the use of the term, "the Chinese Virus," as well as fear of hate crimes and discrimination. Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz responded to "incidents of racism and xenophobic animosity" with a campus-wide email on March 25. 

3/31/2020 7:04pm

A resident enters Spencer Residence Hall on Sunday, Mar. 1, 2020. Built in 1924, Spencer was the first all-female residence hall, but is now co-ed.

After first being terminated effective April 1, UNC RAs will be paid through April 30

Carolina Housing announced Monday that resident advisers will be paid through April 30, alleviating uncertainty about what campus residence hall closures would mean for student staff. This announcement came following a letter signed by hundreds of people urging Carolina Housing to pay their student staff during the time campus would be shut down. The decision is a reversal of previous guidance sent to student staff in a March 18 email which said their positions had been terminated, and suggested reaching out to the Financial Aid office for guidance on this "reduction in income."