9/20/2019 10:30am

The Morehead-Cain senior class designated the week of March 23 as Morehead-Cain Senior Week of Compassion in the memory of Wynn Burrus, a Morehead-Cain scholar who died last semester.  

In Memoriam: Letters to Wynn

A collection of letters celebrating the life and mourning the loss of UNC student Wynn Burrus.

6/22/2018 7:13pm

Black Congress logo

Letter: UNC Black Congress message to Student Body President Savannah Putnam

"Last Friday, you showed us that the work continues. We need to see a tireless effort to serve your student body by constantly improving. We demand you put the best interests of your student body in mind when you roll out the plans you shared with the Daily Tar Heel. We look forward to see if you act to foster a Carolina for ALL."

5/24/2018 10:04pm

Letter: Response to "The Marketplace of Ideas" column

In response to Molly Looman’s, “The Marketplace of Ideas is failing the journalism industry.”  While in truth, what Molly is suggesting is well-intentioned, it does not take account for the very human tendencies that she purports to being the causes of the issues. 

4/17/2018 8:53pm

Letter: 2-step-verification for email access is classist

Until the University is prepared to provide and fund texting plans to all students, the idea of requiring us to have phones on hand to use even library computers to check our emails is unreasonable and classist.