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Wednesday March 22nd

Spring foliage blooming in Chapel Hill N.C.on Monday, March 6, 2023.

Editorial: No Spring Break plans? No problem.

"We get it – the FOMO is real. Watching your peers travel while you're kicking back in your shared college town can put a damper on the relaxation that we are supposed to be enjoying. To combat the ultimate Spring Break FOMO, here's a comprehensive guide to having fun even if you're staying on Tar Heel territory over break."

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Letter: Housekeepers deserve a living wage and free parking

"Nonwhite people and immigrants are highly overrepresented in the housekeeping profession which can add layers of racism and xenophobia to exploitation from employers who treat them more like replaceable tools and less like human beings worthy of a fair wage, a safe working environment and acceptable living conditions."

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DTH Photo Illustration. Over the first set of wellness days, some students had the opportunity to catch up on shows and start new ones. The shows ranged from watching for entertainment purposes to wathcing to tune the world out.

Column: No sweetie, we have ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ at home

"As a queer Black woman, I can understand how important it is for people to know how race and homophobia played a huge role in the real Dahmer case. Even so, I would like to believe that the painful history of underrepresented groups does not have to be re-lived and dramatized on a big screen just to be heard and understood."

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A UNC football helmet and gloves lie under a table during the Tar Heels' football game against the N.C. State Wolfpack at Carter Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC, on Friday, Nov. 26, 2021. UNC lost 34-30.

Editorial: Black athletes broke boundaries in the 2023 Super Bowl

"Even as the sport integrated, the role of the quarterback — the head and face of a team, remains reserved solely for white boys. The powers-that-be of football, still suffering from a social Darwinist hangover, funneled white players into “thinking” positions, and Black players into “moving” ones. This pervasive, racist mythology has infested football, influencing our perception both of sporting positions and the people playing them."

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The sun rises behind Wilson Library on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

Letter: The necessity of the SCiLL

"More than half of the conservative students at UNC censor themselves during political discussions on campus, according to a survey published in August 2021. This includes me."

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DTH Graphic

Column: An SSRI might not be the solution

"Still, a doctor should spend longer than an hour working with patients before deciding to put someone on these types of drugs. A year of therapy has done more for me than any medication a psychiatrist ever prescribed me. And while my case is not universal, I am also not alone in this experience."

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Op-ed: Reflections on one year of war in Ukraine

"A deep, intractable uncertainty has haunted the 365 days that have now passed since the first February 24th . My questions are professional and personal. What use are nuanced histories of a Russia that only confirms the worst stereotypes of its own brutality and thuggishness? How do I process my feelings of betrayal by people whom I know to be better than this?"

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