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Tuesday October 4th

DTH Photo Illustration. Learning to be alone is hard when TikTok and online media is easily accessible.

Column: How to be comfortable being alone

"Think of your brain like a suitcase after a vacation. If you just add more clothes before the next vacation without organizing the stuff you already have in there, it’s gonna be a giant mess. Take one hour each week to fold the clothes and put them where they belong."

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Shelby Swanson
Assistant Sports Editor

Office DJ: Voted "Always Gets Aux"

"I have over 190 public playlists on my Spotify profile. Is this a sensible amount to have? In all honesty — no. And from a surface level, a lot of them appear to be the same, or fit similar situations and moods. But all of these playlists mean something different to me, and were created by me for me in a rare act of personal individuality."

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Water fountains in Hamilton Hall, pictured on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022, are reported to have lead.

Column: What's in your water bottle?

"When water contamination is discovered, it should be immediately made publicly known, not just another message in an inbox of emails. It should not be limited to just occupants of the building either like incidences in Phillips, Manning, Hamilton, Fordham and South Building were."

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Meet the Editorial Board

"We are honored and excited to be able to shed light on issues that impact the day-to-day lives of our readers. So, here are the faces– some new and some returning – behind the Editorial Board."

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DTH Photo Illustration. The cost of running shoes adds to the inaccesability of running.

Column: The financial barrier to running

"When runners, myself included, evangelize about running, we like to talk about how accessible it is. We preach that "anyone can do it!" But running mile after mile, passing runner after runner, each wearing a different shoe with a different price, I realized how incorrect that statement is."

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