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Column: Those who can't teach, do

"Although some individuals act as teaching assistants for courses or mentor undergraduates during rotations and thesis work, doctoral programs very rarely require curriculum on how to prepare for and teach a lecture course, how to effectively mentor trainees or even how to manage grant money outside of individual projects and among larger groups."

2/25/2020 7:54pm

Bob Hall headshot. Photo courtesy of Bob Hall.

Op-ed: Hot tips and a hotline for voting in the primary

From a hotline to answers to your questions on voter ID,  the former executive director of Democracy North Carolina, Bob Hall, outlines tips and resources for voting in the upcoming March 3 primaries.

2/24/2020 8:08pm

Editorial: Snow days and pay days

The University classifies weather-related closings by the UNC System’s Adverse Weather and Emergency Events Policy. Condition 2: Suspended Operations is generally what us students want when we hope for a day of no classes. Condition 2 stipulates that faculty and students have their classes cancelled, but also requires “non-mandatory” employees to not report to work. Instead, these employees must use personal leave time for time lost working. 

2/23/2020 8:21pm

Editorial: Why you should watch Netflix's 'Cheer'

“Cheer” follows a community college cheerleading team from Corsicana, Texas as they prepare for the National Cheerleaders Association Collegiate National Championship in Daytona, Florida. The series shows the audience what it’s like to be a cheerleader and coach for one of the best cheer teams in the country.

2/18/2020 7:38pm

Letter: Guskiewicz speaks on climate action

"I am glad to see our students so engaged with this important topic — cross campus collaboration of ideas and commitment is a key part of the pledge we uphold. I stand with you in committing to a healthier campus, community and world."