3/24/2020 6:53pm

Letter: Graduate student stipends are too low

To say it rings hollow when the Dean of the Graduate School urges graduate students to come to campus in this moment because they are “an important part of the team” understates the appalling insensitivity of the message. What Dean Barbour conveyed, with crystal clarity, is that the graduate students are only an “important part of the team” when the University needs them.

3/18/2020 9:01pm

Harry Smith is the founder and chairman of Rise Capital, a private equity firm. He served on the UNC Board of Governors for nearly seven years, including as chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, and as vice chairperson and chairperson of the Board.  Photo courtesy of Harry Smith.

Op-ed: Education and health care are never free

"Anyone who believes that giving away more health care and education without requiring dramatic changes in governance and cost controls will improve these industries doesn't understand simple math nor sustainable models."

3/17/2020 6:58pm

Letter: Be the change you wish to see at Carolina

"Mahatma Gandhi encouraged us to be the change we wished to see in the world. That sentiment very much applies to our University. However you choose to be the change, know that we are here to support and empower you, and we invite you to reach out to us."

3/17/2020 5:58pm

Mary King is a writer for the Arts & Culture desk. Photo courtesy of Mary King.

Guest column: OK, Zoomer (and other ways to avoid social isolation)

"Phones buzzed everywhere Wednesday afternoon when students received the (very expected) COVID-19 email from the University. All at once, thousands of eyes scanned the page, and mixed feelings flooded the student body. It was this moment that sealed our impending enrollment in, as recent internet discourse has called it, Zoom University."

3/5/2020 10:05pm

Editorial: Support UCSC graduate workers

"Given the dire financial precariousness facing graduate workers here and around the country, the Editorial Board joins StrikeDownSam’s endorsement of the UCSC strike and its condemnation of the UC administration’s termination of strikers."

3/3/2020 10:14pm

Devon Johnson.jpg

Column: Bye bye, Buttigieg

While this middle-of-the-road ideology is understandable in an effort to cast a wide net, it left a lot of us wondering if his willingness to take a backseat to outspokenness on queer issues — particularly those that impact queer people of color — would translate to his time as president.

3/3/2020 7:52pm

Paige Masten

Column: At UNC, sexual assault has always been a problem

In Oct. 2019, the Association of American Universities’ Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct announced that one in three female undergraduate students at UNC has been a victim of sexual assault during their time in college. However, sexual assault has been a problem at UNC for decades.