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1/29/2019 9:50pm

The Unsung Founders Memorial, found in McCorkle Place, reads "The class of 2012 honors the university's unsung founders- the people of color, bound and free, who helped build the Carolina that we cherish today."

Editorial: Singing the praises of the Unsung Founders

"The design of the monument invites disrespect through its accessibility and inherent purpose of serving the public. When people use it as a place to sit and eat, it is almost as though the founders are once more doing a service to the community’s more privileged members."

4/29/2019 10:10pm

Editorial: A year of the same institutional flaws

"It’s time for these institutions to be held accountable, and for them to step up and protect its students and faculty from dangers such as white supremacy before something drastic happens."

4/23/2019 11:38pm

Guest column: My culture is not a fad

Philosophy and political science major Jacky Wang expresses how the reduction of their cultural food to a "fad" is infuriating and hopes to validate the defining aspects of boba tea for themself and others as more than just a "fad." 

4/23/2019 11:31pm

Kent McDonald

Column: Thank you for reading!

Writing isn't just for the purpose of writing — its to be less alone and to make a connection with people — at least that's what Kent McDonald thinks as he reflects back on his time writing for the Daily Tar Heel. 

4/23/2019 7:33pm

Editorial: Investigate UNC police conduct

Respect is not simply given — it must be earned. It’s a two-way street. And according to Editorial Board, only an investigation into UNC police and the University taking accountability can provide that respect to students. 

4/16/2019 10:32pm

Jeff McCracken and Dean Penny held a discussion and presentation Tuesday morning on their new five-year plan for transportation and parking at UNC.

Guest Column: 'The only crime UNC Police has committed'

"These intentional, slanderous fabrications are an attempt to recruit for a cause that for some may have begun as an anti-racism campaign, but has now devolved into a concerted effort focused on the opposition to, and destruction of, all forms of campus authority."