Lambden and Lindsey move on to runoff election

After weeks of collecting signatures, holding rallies in the Pit and attending debates, Will Lindsey and Christy Lambden are in the home stretch for student body president.

The Board of Elections announced that Lindsey and Lambden will move on to a runoff election Tuesday, Feb. 19, as no single candidate garnered a majority of votes.

Lindsey — who gathered the most petition signatures to get on the ballot — collected 37 percent of the vote .

Election Winners

Senior class officers
Georgia Walker/Tony Botros

CAA president
Allison Hill

RHA president
Kendall Rose Nicosia-Rusin

GPSF president
Kiran Bhardwaj

Votes by district
  • District 1 (501 votes)
    Connor Brady – 333 votes
    Peter McClelland – 259 votes
    Jocelyn Burney – 249 votes
    Bennett Vass – 174 votes
  • District 2 (312 votes)
    Cruz Maria Santibanez – 257 votes
  • District 3 (622 votes)
    William Stelpflug – 207 votes
    Ivy Hardy – 181 votes
    Prerak Patel – 176 votes
  • District 4 (515 votes)
    Charles Collins – 37 votes
    John Aristy – 33 votes
    1 seat to be filled in next week’s run-off election
  • District 5 (510 votes)
    Brittany Best – 377 votes
    Conor Winters – 7 votes
  • District 6 (488 votes)
    Adam Norris – 166 votes
  • District 7 (1,886 votes)
    John Caison – 442 votes
    Walker Swain – 390 votes
    Austin Root – 336 votes
    John Guzek – 328 votes
    Anthony Ferrara – 325 votes
    Stephen Deal – 302 votes
    Andrew Barksdale III – 281 votes
    Charles Greene – 272 votes
    Dushyanth Biyala – 267 votes
    Harrison Touby – 247 votes

  • District 8 (291 votes)
    Paige Comparato – 180 votes
    Celina Holsen* – 13 votes

*Won a seat in the special election to fill for the remainder of the 94th Congress
  • District 9 (71 votes)
    John O’Connor* – 12 votes
    Stephanie Mellini – 12 votes
    Zach Ferguson – 11 votes
  • District 10 (146 votes)
    Brittany Clark – 93 votes
    Kizzmekia Corbett – 78 votes
    Laura Tollini – 74 votes
    Veeral Saralya – 72 votes
    Andrew Lucas – 50 votes
    2 seats to be filled in next week’s run-off election

  • District 11 (145 votes)
    Michael Smalenberger – 6 votes
    Charles Seguin* – 3 votes
    Kris Vorren* – 2 votes

*Won a seat in the special election to fill for the remainder of the 94th Congress
2 seats to be filled in next week’s run-off election

“I am so honored and so excited,” Lindsey said. “We’ve been working so hard and reaching out to many students, and it is unbelievable.”

Lambden collected 22 percent of the vote and had the most endorsements from student organizations.

“I’m feeling incredibly honored — delighted at the opportunity to reach out to more people,” he said.

Candidate Rob Jones collected 11 percent of the vote. He said he was proud of all the people he worked with.

“We’re disappointed — we thought we did our best job,” he said. “It’s been a long couple weeks, but I think we can look back and say that we gave our best effort.”

Candidate Hetali Lodaya collected 19 percent of the vote.

“I’m happy with everything we did ­­— I’m happy with my ideas, I love my team, and I’m really proud of what we did here.”

Lodaya said she is looking forward to continuing her involvement in student government.

“I’m excited to work with (Lindsey and Lambden) and to work with whoever ends up being elected,” she said.

Kevin Claybren collected 11 percent of the vote.

“This is an experience that I would not trade for the world,” he said.

Despite his loss, Claybren said he is excited about the two remaining candidates.

“The students voted for them and their issues — I just hope they stay to the core of (their) values when it comes down to it,” he added.

Chairwoman of the Board of Elections Shruthi Sundaram said some students experienced technical difficulties during the voting period and had to vote through an alternative write-in ballot.

Tuesday’s turnout — 5,691 students, or about 19 percent of the student body — was an increase from last year’s record low of 4,507 votes.

In an effort to increase voter turnout, Lindsey and Lambden said they will strengthen their campaign efforts during the next week.

“I think it’s a case of doing a lot of what we’ve been doing already — move the message a little bit further,” Lambden said.

Lindsey said he will continue to campaign in the Pit to keep students engaged in the election.

“As campaigners we need to keep people involved and informed. We need to keep enthusiasm high.”

Staff writers Trevor Casey, Kristen Skill and Hailey Vest contributed reporting.

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