Letter: Roy’s critics didn’t know their facts


Twice in the last three days The Daily Tar Heel has published letters that have for all intents and purposes assassinated the character of men’s basketball coach Roy Williams.

The writers of these letters clearly don’t know and don’t understand the facts of the case but appear to have no problem looking for — and finding — a vehicle by which they can smear the reputation of the coach, program and university.

Letters to the editor are opinions, but the paper of record on our campus should bear the responsibility for making sure the authors deal in some level of fairness and fact.

The Daily Tar Heel is quick to make a profit off Carolina basketball’s national championship by selling its commemorative issue hot off the press, and it gleefully detailed to a media trade site that the basketball championship cut the paper’s financial losses in half this year.

Perhaps it should be equally diligent in ensuring that the forum it gives letter writers is not simply a wall at which people can throw mud.

Steve Kirschner

UNC-Chapel Hill Director of Athletic Communications

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