Great places to eat in Chapel Hill

I'm convinced I could live in Chapel Hill for the rest of my life and still not be able to eat at all of the restaurants in the city. However, in my two years as a UNC-Chapel Hill student, I have developed some favorites, all of which are within walking distance of the pit. 

Some are more well known than others, but for all of you in Chapel Hill who are looking for new places or for those who are new to the area, there are some great places to eat.


If you're looking for authentic southern comfort food, Mama Dip's is the place to go. It's located on Rosemary Street and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mama Dip's is unparalleled when it comes to breakfast food. Their pancakes are beyond description.

Source: Trip Advisor

Walk from the pit: 15-20 minutes (1.0 mile)

Dish recommendation: Pancakes (breakfast) or fried chicken (lunch/dinner)


Bandido's quickly became one of my regular places in Chapel Hill, partly due to its location on Franklin Street and its college ambiance. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to tackle their four and a half pound "El Gigante" burrito. If you eat it all, you get a free t-shirt.

Source: Yelp

Walk from the pit: Less than 10 minutes (0.5 miles)

Dish recommendation: Burrito supreme 


If you're not 21, Linda's may not be your first thought for dinner.  However, it has a fun college town atmosphere and great food. Linda's sweet potato tots are salty, sweet and melt in your mouth. Whatever you do, you have to get them to compliment your meal.

Source: Linda's Bar

Walk from the pit: Less than 10 minutes (0.4 miles)

Dish recommendation: Sweet potato tots


They serve breakfast all day at Breadmen's, which can really come in handy if you're craving an amazing omelet at three in the afternoon.  The restaurant has been around since 1974, and they have an unrivaled collection of UNC posters and memorabilia.

Source: Breadmen's 

Walk from the pit: 15-20 minutes (0.9 miles)

Dish recommendation: Western omelet


411 West is a little bit pricier than the other restaurants on Franklin street, but it's perfect for a special occasion dinner. It's the best Italian food on Franklin Street.

Source: Dress Code Finder

Walk from the pit: 15-20 minutes (0.9 miles)

Dish recommendation: Whole wheat fettuccine


Lime & Basil is a snug little restaurant on Franklin Street that has authentic Vietnamese food. I'd never had Vietnamese food before I went to Lime & Basil. My first thought was, "Wow, I've been missing out."

Source: Yelp

Walk from the pit: 10-15 minutes (0.7 miles)

Dish recommendation: Pho


YoPo isn't technically somewhere you go to get a full meal. However, I had to put it on my list for the select few people that haven't been. If you are ever craving a healthier dessert, you have to get frozen yogurt from YoPo. It's constantly changing flavors are amazing, and the atmosphere is always fun and light.  

Tip: Save your receipts because once you get 10, you get a free yogurt!

Source: MominChapelHillNC

Walk from the pit: 10-15 minutes (0.6 miles)

Dish recommendation: Thin mint


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