Artist Preview: Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, April 4-7

- Jessica Yu, frequent contributor to the Sundance Film Festival, presents her documentary “The Living Museum” to Full Frame Festival. The film commentates on the state of our mental institutions right now, highlighting their potential by placing in rooms with bright colors and a warming atmosphere.

“The Living Museum” is playing April 5 from 4:40-6:25pm at the Durham Arts Council

- Director Josh Izenberg captures North Carolina native, John Kitchin in his documentary ““Slomo.”“: Starting as a successful neurologist in San Diego, Kitchin gave up this life so he could pursue his goal of skateboarding down a boardwalk on one foot. This is an extraordinary introspection into Kitchin’s life.

“Slomo” is playing April 5 from 10:40 am -12:40 pm at the Durham Arts Council

Find the full schedule for the festival here.

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